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The company imprints the artwork as requested by the buyer on the products they have bought from the company. There are different techniques adopted on decorating the products. The Logos are imprinted using laser engraving, Embroidery, Screen Printing, Pad Printing as well as Digital and Offset Printing.In Embroidery, the required product is embroidered with the help of computer to stitch the logo. This creates an up-market effect on the product. This method is adapted to embroider clothing, headwear as well as other fabric products.In screen printing, ink is forced through a screen onto the product to create the imprint. One can use the process many times for getting multi-colored printing.

In Pad Printing, ink is transferred from a printing plate onto a silicone pad and then it is applied to the product. This technique is applied to plastic, vinyl, leather as well as aluminum. The process could be applied to product that is uneven.Digital and Offset Printing combines Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black color with the help of digital or Bare Aluminum foil suppliers offset printing processes. The result is a full color image. The method is also called Process Printing.

Prime Promotional Products has their own in-house engraving and pad printing facilities. This makes them guarantee the quality and turnover time of their product. The company has their own in-house art department that prepares all the artwork proofs. These are then sent Aluminium foil manufacturers to the buyer to get their approval before going for production. This makes it to see the kind of finished product that will be available as the logo is imprinted. To imprint the logo of your choice on the promotional product, the company asks for the logo as a computer generated file.

The company has its own Artwork and Customer Service Teams whose members check all the artwork. Before the final imprinting, a fax or email is sent as an Artwork Approval Form to the buyer for their final approval. On getting the Artwork Approval Form signed by the buyer, the company sends for the production of the product.

The staff at Prime Promotional Products regularly travels overseas to know and acquire the latest products that are available across Europe, USA and Asia. The company also orders its own custom factory made products from the overseas suppliers. It also manufactures many items by the in-house specialists that are meant exclusively for Prime. There are warehouses built to purpose that help the company to keep large range of stock near their printing and production areas.

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