Are you worrying that the old small juicer

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Abstract: Its the time to throw out your old small juicer. Take this power juicer home right now and enjoy juicer everyday! You can throw the whole apples into the juicer without chopping it and you can use washing machine with the cleansing work. It will squeeze out 30% more juice than other juicers but it costs even less!Old small juicer?

No!Are you tired of cutting fruits and vegetables into small pieces in order to throw these pieces into your old small juicer and make a cup of juice? Are you worrying that the old small juicer cannot help you with your business in juice bar, caf, or restaurant? Are you tired of cleaning your old small juicer for hours after using it for only 5minutes?

Are you a good supplier and realizing all these? Come on, a power juicer from Made in will definitely surprise you!Its the power juicer you want!If your answer to any of these questions is Yes, we believe you will be interested in this power juicer.

You may get a full cup of juice just with two small apples. Depending on the ripeness and size of different fruits and vegetables, results will vary for different juicers. Its extra-large feeder can in-take large most fruits and vegetables. The juicer can easily takes whole apples or carrots, for instance.

You dont need to peel, chop or core fruits and vegetables before throwing them into the juicer and you can spend less time on preparation. Super-sized detachable pulp collector enables you to have much juice once and non-drip spout is specially designed for you. Surgical-quality stainless steel blade is engineered to juice even the most hard fruits and vegetables in second. Dont worry about throwing a carrot into the machine because that wont hurt the blade. Dishwasher safe and the specially designed blades will make the cleaning process much easier.

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